1. Mutter

SLY FOX 2,1:57; 3,Q1:54.2 ($63,225) von Yankee Glide. 3 Siege 2 und 3j. 2j, Sieger leg New Jersey Sires S. at Meadowlands (2); Zweite in Hayes Mem. At 3, Zweite in leg New Jersey Sires S. at Meadowlands. Von 9 Fohlen, Mutter von 6 Siegern, 3 in 1:55, 6 in 2:00, inkl.:

FASHION FELINE 2,1:54.3; 3,1:53 ($507,937) von Broadway Hall.
12 Siege 2j. und 3j. 2j, Sieger leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at Chester, Pocono, The Meadows (2), Final Pennsylvania Sires S. at The Meadows, International Stallion S., Reynolds Mem.; Zweite in elim. Goldsmith Maid T.
3j, Sieger Kentucky Filly Futy., elim. Breeders Crown at Pocono. 

ON THE SLY 2,1:55.2f; 1:52.3 ($307,233) (Broadway Hall). 27 wins, 2 bis 8. At 2, winner cons. Pennsylvania Sires S. at Pocono; second in leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at The Meadows; third in International Stallion S., leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at Pocono. At 3, third in Pennsylvania All-Stars.

BLACK BROADWAY (M) 2,1:56f; 3,1:53.1f ($205,588) (Broadway Hall). 13 wins, 2 thru 4. At 2, second in cons. Matron S.; third in elim. Breeders Crown at Woodbine. At 3, winner leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at The Meadows; third in leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at The Meadows.

FASHION HUNTRESS (M) 2,1:55.1; BT1:54.4 ($50,485) (Broadway Hall). 2 wins at 2. At 2, winner Late Closer at Lexington; second in leg Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Lexington, Late Closer at Lexington; third in Pennsylvania All- Stars, leg Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Lexington. Mutter von CELEBRITY BIANCA 3,1:57.3f, DEALS ON HEELS 2,2:16.3h.

PAYTON’S A CANE 3,1:58.1; BT1:56.4f ($14,785) (Donato Hanover). 2 wins at 3.

FOUR STARZ FOXY 1:55.2 ($14,490) (Broadway Hall). 2 wins at 5.

Red Sparrow (M) (Cantab Hall). Now 2.

2. Mutter:

MALHANA CATFUR by Prakas. From 8 foals, dam of 4 winners, 1 in 1:55, 3 in 2:00, including:

YANKEE FUR 3,2:00.2; 1:57.3; BT1:56.3s ($80,202) (Yankee Glide). 16 wins, 3 thru 6. At 5, third in leg Vance Mem. Ser. at Buffalo.

G P POT LICKER 3,1:59; 1:55.1 ($73,361) (Sierra Kosmos). 6 wins, 3 thru 6. At 4, winner leg Super Bowl Ser. at Meadowlands; third in leg Hiram Woodruff Ser. at Meadowlands (2).

SLY FOX (M) 2,1:57; 3,Q1:54.2 ($63,225) (Yankee Glide). siehe oben

3. Mutter:

CHINA SYNDROME by Super Bowl. From 6 living foals, dam of 3 winners, 2 in 2:00, including:

CHINA SMOKE (M) 3,1:59.2h; 4,T1:55.4 ($106,313) (Diamond Exchange). 5 wins at 3. At 3, winner Colonial Lady T.; second in leg New York Sire S. at Yonkers, Coaching Club Oaks, Hudson Filly T., New York State Fair S. at Syracuse, Zweig Mem. Filly. Dam of CHINA CONNECTION 3,1:58.4, CHINA LADY 3,2:00.4. Grandam of MIGHTY MOSES 3,1:54.2 ($701,287), KACHINA HALL 2,Q2:04.1; 3,Q1:59.2.

THE ALABAMA SLAM R 2,2:03.1; 3,1:59h; BT1:55.2 ($74,046) (Speedy Crown). 5 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner leg New York Sire S. at Monticello; second in leg New York Sire S. at Vernon. At 3, winner leg New York Sire S. at Monticello, Saratoga; second in Arden Downs S.; third in leg New York Sire S. at Batavia, Yonkers.

Malhana Catfur (M) (Prakas). siehe oben

4. Mutter:

AH SO 2,2:01.4 ($47,051) by Speedy Count.
At 2, winner PASS at Pocono and American-National S.; second in Challenge T. at Scioto, PASS at Liberty Bell, International Stallion T., etc. At 3, second in American-National S. Half-sister to LAPRIDE HANOVER 2,T2:03.1; 1:59.2 ($120,632), to the dam of LEVAR HANOVER 1:55.3 ($212,793), LOOKBACK HANOVER 3,1:57.3 ($115,362), to the grandam of QUICK STUDY LIZA 3,1:59.2f ($235,162).
From 12 
foals, dam of 7 winners, including:

WORKAHOLIC 2,1:57.1 $870,869 (Speedy Crown). At 2, winner Breeders Crown at Lexington, Historic Series and Haughton Mem. (elim.) at The Meadowlands, Matron S. at Detroit and Hanover Hempt S. at Vernon; second in Review Futy. (elim.) at Springfield; third in International Stallion S. (elim.) at Lexington. At 3, winner American National, Yonkers T. (elim.), Dexter Cup (elim.) and NYSS at Yonkers, Roosevelt, etc.

WORKING GAL (M) 2,2:01.2; 3,1:57.1f $430,472 (Speedy Crown). At 2, winner NYSS (div.) at Yonkers, Batavia, Syracuse and Monticello. At 3, winner Hambletonian Oaks S., Buckette S. at Delaware, Colonial Lady S. (div.) at Rosecroft, Lady Suffolk S. at Yonkers, NYSS at Syracuse and Batavia, etc.
3,1:55.4 ($104,579), ONLY THE BRAVE 3,1:56.4f, etc.
Grandam of 
GOIN TO THE LIMIT 3,1:53.2, etc.

RULE THE WIND 2,1;59.2; 3,Q1:55.3 $180,016 (Speedy Crown). At 3, second in Matron S. at Pompano; third in Hambletonian.

AT RISK 1:58f in Finland $111,670 (Hickory Pride)3